I.D. Scanners for all States

Which scanner do I need?

That all depends on your state.  The easiest way to know is to inspect your driver license.  If there is a barcode on it, then you need a barcode scanner.  If there is a barcode AND a black magnetic stripe like a credit card, then you can use a barcode scanner OR a Magnetic Stripe scanner.  If your driver license has only a magnetic stripe, then you can use a barcode scanner OR a magnetic stripe scanner.

Do I really need a barcode scanner, they are much more expensive?

If you don't think that your customers will come from states that use barcodes on their driver licenses, then you could use a magnetic stripe scanner and save yourself some money.  Again, your state license must have a magnetic stripe on it.

What is the difference between  the yellow or black scanners and the gray scanners?

The yellow/black scanners do not have an internal recharable battery.  Batteries for these units must be replaced at regular intervals, based on use.  A set of batteries should last 4000 scans as long as the unit is turned of between uses.  If you experience heavy nightly use, then you probably should go with a gray scanner.  Our yellow scanners do come with a plug, but that would limit the portability.  As long as you have an outlet nearby, then you would not have to worry about batteries.


Why are barcode scanners so much more expensive than magnetic stripe scanners?

The reason is that, the barcode engine (the little red laser thing) is very expensive.  It has to be a certain size in order to fit our scanners. And, it has to consume very low power since the units are battery powered.  This makes it unique and not in demand.


Can I download the data to my desktop computer?

Yes.  Data can be  downloaded in raw  unformatted  text files.